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One of the reasons these systems are so popular is because they are great for keeping your home a consistent temperature no matter the season, and because filters installed in the system can keep air clean and fresh. For those that suffer from allergies or a respiratory illness like asthma, a split system air conditioner or heating system can improve quality of life.

Split Systems

What is a split system?

Split systems have 2 main parts
– a compressor that is located outside of the building or home
– an indoor unit, that houses an evaporator coil and fan, blows the air throughout the home.

Because these systems can be added to existing furnaces, they are a popular choice for those that want to add an air conditioning component. These systems work by drawing air from inside the home, adjusting its temperature, and then pushing it back into the home.

Because you do not have to have a door or window open to help promote air circulation (like you do with an evaporative cooling system), you can create a very clean, dust-free, pollen-free, bug-free environment inside the home.

A split system air conditioner is the best option for a wide variety of homes who want consistent, reliable cooling that doesn’t cost a fortune. Because they can both heat and cool your entire home or just a single room, they are an ideal choice.

Types of Split Systems

There are basically two type of split systems. The first is a single split system, which provides climate control to a single room. It often can affect neighbouring rooms, but the system is on designed to focus on one room.

The second type is a Multi Head split system, which uses many indoor units, connected to a single compressor outside the home, to cool or heat many rooms at once.

These systems are great if you have some rooms in the house that are always warmer or colder than the other rooms. For example, if all of the bedrooms in your home face west and get very hot during the afternoon, while the rest of your rooms remain cool, a split system may be perfect.

Benefits of a Split System

Stainless steel filters that trap bacteria, dust, pollen, and pollutants to prevent them from being redistributed through your home – great for those with asthma or allergies!

Smart systems keep your room at the desired temperature and break the cycle of cooling down and heating up and having to cool it down again.

Many of the brands we work with design silent or almost-silent systems, so you can cool or heat your home without an annoying mechanical noise.

How Much Does a Split System Cost

Depending on the size of the room or home where the split system is going to be installed, and the type of system you choose, cost can range from under $2,000 to around $3,500. This includes the cost of GST, certificates of compliance, and electrical work.

Too Hot Climate Systems is dedicated to providing the best service, at affordable prices.

For more information about split systems for Melbourne, Bayside, Frankston, or Metro Melbourne or to get your customised price quote, based on your home and climate control needs, contact us today!


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