Dandenong Add-on Cooling Sytems

Add-On Cooling Systems are a premium solution for your home in Dandenong

If you have an existing ducted heating system and want to equip it with the ability to cool your home, an add-on cooling system is exactly what you need. Many ducted heating systems are designed to be “added on” to-as long as they have the right size of ducts. An add-on cooling system enables an existing ducted heating system to become both a heating system and a cooling system.

Add On Cooling Melbourne

Fully Customisable

These systems have both an outdoor and indoor unit. The indoor unit has to be connected to an existing ducted heating system, as it uses the same ducts and power sources in order to provide cooling to your home. Because the ducts have to be larger than regular split duct systems in order to accommodate the add-on, only systems that have been designed for this kind of addition can benefit from add-on cooling.

Like all other cooling systems that Too Hot Climate Systems provides, you can have your add-on set to certain zones, to provide cooling to specific rooms in your home. For larger homes, this is a great option.

Benefits of Add-On Cooling

• Silent or nearly silent operation
• Inexpensive to install and operate
• Works even if the outdoor air is hot and humid
• Zone system allows you to cool only the rooms you need to cool
• Can cool the entire home

What are zones?

In an add-on cooling system, you have the ability to split the house into areas or “zones.” This allows you to cool only certain zones – for example, the ones you’re using, and leave other zones alone. This saves power and lowers operational costs. You can choose your zones, based on your ducted heating system and whether or not you have “common zone” technology included in your system.

How much does it cost?

For Melbourne, Metro Melbourne, Frankston, and Bayside, prices vary depending on the size of the house and any requirements there might be for zoning.

Reviews from some our our recent clients

Really happy with the quality of works and communication for first point of contact right through to last contact, answered all questions promptly.
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Corey Peele
Excellent customer service, air con was sized very well. Can’t speak highly enough of the experience.
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Greg F
All trades were punctual and professional and the customer service was great. We really appreciated the follow up after the work was complete to ensure everything met expectations.
    
James Stutt
Highly recommend these guys. Sam installed our zoned ducted heating system and went out of his way to ensure everything was set up exactly how we wanted it. His tips to improve airflow and efficiency were greatly appreciated too. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.
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John Trumbull
Sam installed our gas ducted heating system, he was a pleasure to deal with and did a perfect job. I would highly recommend!
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Jordan B
All the staff we have encountered have been lovely, efficient and easy to communicate with. Very competitively priced also. Highly recommend these guys!
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Josephine Barnes